icon Job Title
Primary Responsibilities
  • 1) Plan and deliver lectures according to syllabus and schedule, through application of teaching and learning methodologies to achieve the learning outcomes
  • 2) Conduct curriculum development & review to keep pace with latest development in the field, meet industry need and fulfill the MQA & professional bodies rules and regulations
  • 3) Continuously develop student assessment & marking scheme to assess the understanding of knowledge learned to ensure effective teaching & learning has taken place
  • 4) Provide counseling and advice to students on academic issues as well as career guidance to support the aspirations of the university to produce marketable graduates that meet industry needs
  • 5) Conduct research and produce research papers in strategic areas as determined by the Department to inculcate research culture as well as support & MyRA rating for the university
  • 6) Initiate application for grants from relevant bodies to obtain funding to support R&D
  • 7) Produce quality publications so that it can be published in reputable journals to increase University standards and ratings, nationally and internationally
  • 8) Provide consultancy services in areas of expertise to relevant industries and government agencies, including offering solutions to problems and issues, in order to enrich individual competencies and generate revenue for the university
  • 9) Prepare, plan and conduct short courses and training in relevant areas to contribute towards generating revenue for the university

  Skill Requirements
  • PhD in field of Electrical, Electronics Control
  • Able to demonstrate potential world leading reputation in a relevant area including but not limited to:
  • -advance embedded control system (microprocessor, microcontroller, FPGA etc
  • -autonomous system application such as transport, manufacturing, energy etc
  • -simulation and synthetic environment tools (LabView, Phyton, Java, etc
  • -advance process control and instrumentation technology
  • -well verse in process control operation in upstream, downstream, oleochemical, pharmaceutical, food industry etc
  • -well verse in manufacturing industry with application of diverse embedded system automated environment
  • -well verse in PLC (Programmable logic control) and DCS (Distributed control system)